Clinical Supervision

Counsellors and Psychotherapists are required to attend regular supervision in order to maintain their professional association accreditation. Supervision is a formal, mutually agreed arrangement that monitors the therapist’s practice to ensure competency, efficacy, ethical standards and engagement with ongoing learning and education. Through my training and personal orientation, I favour the Cyclical Model (Page & Wosket) and the Seven Eyed Model (Hawkins & Shohet) of supervision for clinical supervision.

As your supervisor I will ensure that:

  • The wellbeing of the client is monitored and safeguarded
  • Ethical standards are maintained and nurtured
  • You, as a therapist, are provided with an opportunity to regularly reflect on your practice and draw
    support from the supervisor in a collegial, respectful and often challenging environment.

Supervision across the Professions

Recognising their duty of care, many employers now tend to source external, independent supervision for staff members who may be exposed to vicarious upset as part of their professional or voluntary roles. Individual and/or organisational needs will dictate the most appropriate framework to optimise outcomes. I am an IACP Accredited Supervisor and offer one to one supervision or small group supervision as appropriate. In this role, I favour and the Supervision Alliance Model (Inskipp & Proctor) of supervision.

As your Cross Professional Supervisor, I will:

  • Resource employees/volunteers by providing a safe space in which to connect with their own experiences and needs.
  • Ensure that ethical and legal organisational standards are safeguarded.

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