You are very welcome to my website. I hope that this site will be of assistance to you.

Sometimes as we journey through life we encounter difficulties that upset our emotional equilibrium or coping skills and we may struggle to understand why we feel the way we do. It is not easy to find someone who will really listen and stay with our concerns without confusing them with their own experiences and issues.


My aim as a Humanistic and Integrative Therapist is to help you to focus on and to gain a clearer understanding of the issues, feelings and emotions that concern you. While respecting your own values, choices and lifestyle, I will offer non-judgemental support and reflection and will aim to assist you in achieving your own solutions. This means that I fundamentally believe that you are best placed to find the most fitting solution to your own difficulty. My role is to help you to find it.


I provide a professional, personal and accredited counselling service in a warm, safe environment. My office is located approximately 2km outside Cashel town, in a rural area. I do not share this office space with other practitioners. You can be assured of privacy, discretion and respect.


Contact me by email on my Contact page

Working hours - Monday to Friday : 9.30AM - 8PM

If I am not available to take your phone call, please leave a voicemail. I regularly check for messages and will respond promptly.


Thank You.

Richard Hewitt
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